The Salt Mine Podcast: GP Louisville Round-Up feat. Julian

While on the road in Austria in order to sell Kenya, I was interviewed by a bunch of crazy Australians about an American card game. Hashtag Living the Live! Invited as a guest to the 11th episode of the The Salt Mine podcast, we really hit it off and had a great two hour talk about the current state of Legacy with special focus on the results of GP Louisville, JK Eternal Frankfurt and some weird tournament in the Australian bush where – as far as I can tell – everyone and their mother were playing Sneak Show. Oh, and there’s comments on Wizards of the Coast’s new CEO overlord, Mr Cocks and his approach to simplifying Magic.

Download file | Duration: 01:56:17 | Size: 62 MB

Twitter: @SaltMinePodcast

According to what the guys posted on Twitter, this has been one of the funniest episodes they ever did, so definitely make sure to check it out!

So long,

PS: I did the ipod-inspired image of Nissa on the touchpad of my laptop. It has it flaws but given that I was operating on cavemen technology, I kinda like it. I like to imagine that In 500,000 years time, people will randomly find this on the remains of the once “great interwebs” and figure that us “early humans” must have operated on the most primitive of technologies! :-O

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