The Wheels Are Coming Off

Julian continues his path towards to dark side. Without Sith overloard Philipp Schönegger (@Miracle_Dude) around he’s on his own though. Is this still just a fling with the undoubtedly strongest deck in the Legacy format? We can’t tell because we honestly don’t know. What we do know though is that Julian once again runs into some serious issues not directly related to the board state.

Julian, try to use Force speed plz, kk?

Legacy Daily Event:

R1: Miracles vs Miracles #3
R2: Miracles vs BUG Delver #2
R3: Miracles vs Dredge #1
R4: Miracles vs Braids Stompy #1


Also note that from now on, Julian’s videos will be uploaded directly to his YouTube channel (now featuring a new kickass banner!) and will then be embedded on this website. This means that if you’d like to access our videos via nothing really changes except for the added benefit of allowing you to skip through different times in the videos right away without loading it entirely. And while you’re at it, maybe head over to YouTube and help our Julian with a subscription to his channel there.

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