Check this out! With instant access to gameplay, you also find all the matches played on stream divided by matchup. Equipped with everything for all your Legacy, Modern and wacky Limited cravings, is your place for Magic VODs on the internet. At least that’s what it says in the description. In the near future, we will also add a “Build-Your-Own-Matchup” functionality for you to craft the exact matchup you want to see played out by our streamers.

Or do you usually tune in to see Julian play some classic games? Super Mario Kart (SNES), Mario Kart 64 and who knows which cames are yet to come, our Retrogaming section gives you access to VODs of all the games played on the stream.

Rounding things out, On the Road & Misc is for everything paper Magic. From travelling videos to coverage of important events to interviews with other players, this is section takes you straight into action. Find out what it means to “Play the game, see the world.”

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