Julian and the Robot Workshop

By the Power of Overvoltage (@Flusterstorm) and Felix (@35Lands) Julian has the Power to participate in a series of Vintage Daily Events with one of the most fun and unusual tier decks of the format: Workshop Affinity! Check out our series of videos we will be posting over the next couple of days.

Vintage Daily Event (27th Feb 2015):

R1: Workshop Affinity vs Oath #1
R2: Workshop Affinity vs MUD #1
R3: Workshop Affinity vs UWr Mentor #1
R4: Workshop Affinity vs Oath #2

On a related note, Lee Sharpe (@lee_sharpe), WotC’s recently appointed Digital Product Manager, has listened to our critique of the new Daily Event schedule and reinstituted Legacy on the European evening. That means that from April 1st on (no April’s fools…at least that’s what we were told), Julian will once again be able to stream a lot more Legacy again! Hooooray!

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