Watch Julian’s & Felix’ Perfect Cube Storm, 4 new Legacy Videos + 2 Mario Kart 64 Cups

Tonight we were able to observe the rare successful Cube Storm deck in its natural habitat. Watch Julian and Felix navigate their way through 3 rounds full of Time Spirals, Mind’s Desire, Yawgmoth’s Bargain and everyone’s favourite kind of tentacle erotica. On top of that we bring you 4 rounds of the action-paced Legacy. Wanna know how to fight the various flavors of Delver? Tune in and find out what Marsh Casualties can do for you!
Or do you just feel like watching some dinosaur cart-racing? Tune in and watch Julian take Mario Kart 64 to the next level and ride his trusted Yoshi through the tracks of both the 100cc Mushroom and Flower Cups!


Cube Draft — The Percfect Storm (feat. Felix Munch, Mind’s Desire and more goodies!)


Elves vs UR Delver #2
Elves vs Elves #3
Elves vs 4c Delver #1
Elves vs Miracles #4

Mario Kart 64:

100cc Mushroom + Flower Cup (20th Dec 2014)

Thanks for watching. If you’re still wondering whether you should watch the Cube draft..omfggetintherealready!


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